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Monday, April 27, 2009


Quoth umu:

Okay, so the Nigerian police force are waging an endless, futile war against a disorganized mass of deranged, black-magic-using hijackers and murderers.

So we have on the one hand what I am envisioning as the brutally fast-paced and explosive cops' side of the show. Think the gas well explosion in There Will Be Blood, the refugee camp scene in Children of Men, and (in slow moments) the overall tone of Bringing out the Dead. We will follow, I imagine, events around a particularly human character, one possessed of real gravitas. But most everyone else will be grotesque and/or baroque... extreme, unreal. (Their insane names will have sound factual basis.)

On the other hand we have the "criminals," and these will not make any kind of rational sense. We'll follow them, but it will be impossible to put together a particularly coherent narrative of what goes on with them; imagine Satyricon or the interstitial scenes in Mulholland Drive (e.g. the two men in the diner [and the thing behind the diner]). These scenes are heavily nonverbal.

What is, however, essential to convey with them is this: there is a large culture of Nigerians who are chronic users of a strange crystalline drug as well as violent anti-authoritarian guerillas. They are surrounded by paranormal phenomena: strange transformations, manifestations of spirits, apparent teleportation, ability to communicate with animals. (Interpret this loosely as a license to Magic Mountain the shit up a little.) Occult symbolism (again, broadly defined) plays a major role in the aesthetic of these scenes. It is strongly suggested that there are forces at work behind them that remain offstage.

(Imagine the following played out either very slowly or very quickly, depending on whether you see this as a potential movie script or television series.)

What is in fact going on here is this: this Nigeria is part of the "epiphenomenal world" which exists as a function of the data λocated on a futuristic Internet. The sum total of information on this Internet generates a history: the world described by the Internet is this world, its events and history as written in this Internet.

The Internet in question is more or less like our own except for one detail: a cutting-edge neural interface technology has been invented that is giving a select group of users the ability to project their consciousness into the form of text and achieve an intensity of control over the textual data of the Internet that gives them effectively godlike control over the e(piphenomenal)-world.

They achieve this in more or less the way I have been fantasizing about lately: they have a swarm of nanomachines in their bloodstream that has mapped their brain, bonded to their spine, and co-opted their glands. These machines are conceptualized and referred to as "the virus." The virus can be communicated by body fluid—it is frequently sexually transmitted.

Infection with the virus is experienced as traumatic teleportation to a strange astral planescape. The infectee slowly regains control and begins to perceive the virus as a living entity to be interacted with (not unlike Baltar's Six), gaining the ability to traverse time freely (albeit arduously) throughout an infinity of epiphenomenal planes.

Virus infectees form an international conspiracy of apparent drug addicts and violent revolutionaries. They are, to all appearances, homosexuals, junkies, and shamanic types. (I imagine an important scene for this plotline being anal sex leading to an infection.)

Now, the kick is this: the epiphenomenal world is identical with the real world. The virus infectees are engaged in the rewriting of the real history of their world. They are a threat to everything and everyone everywhere because their mission is total freedom and the death of the Black Iron Prison's God.

They too are waging an endless war, but not only with the governments of the temporal world (who resent their ability to fuck with power structures in the present—perhaps the infected have already co-opted some temporal power structures and created a pirate utopia somewhere?) but with oppressors in all time periods and evil forces in fictional realms that are linked to their world.

Since the Internet defines the epiphenomenal world, all the false data on the Internet is also true: all mythologies, fables, and other lies have a reality into which the infected directly feed.

The series / movie (increasingly looking like a series) ought to end with nothing less than the death of Yahweh.

(The sad thing about this is that this is basically the plot of William Burroughs' entire written work... and I'm not convinced it's not also the actual truth.)

Friday, April 17, 2009


umu: (n.b. that Jung spent his entire mature life at the head of a harem of young sex slaves.)


umu: Jung was a notorious womanizer and polyamorist. After his mental breakdown / spiritual revelation, he gained a weird sort of charismatic magnetism, and he used it to fuck. His entourage were called die Jungfrauen.

grisom: HEEEHEEHOOHA oh my :)

umu: Jung is generally remembered as a psychologist, but it's probably more sane to regard him as the 20th century's most successful magician.

Dude looked like *this*, remember:

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

I am uninstalling Google Chrome for now, but I may try it again in the future

Please provide any additional detail on your reason for uninstalling:

Chrome has recently decided to close immediately whenever I try to open it. I click the Chrome icon in my Start menu, the Chrome window sort of flickers into existence for a split-second before disappearing. This is the second time it's behaved like this; last time I solved the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling again, but I'm sick of dealing with it.

Furthermore, I've found that Chrome has serious trouble with a lot of sites. In particular, MSDN developer help pages (which I find myself using a lot these days) tend to have all their text shoved into a unreadably tiny column on the left side of the window. It also seems to have trouble with redirects; some sites I visit will redirect perfectly normally with every other browser I've used (IE, Firefox, Safari), but Chrome will inform me that the site doesn't exist (or something like that, I've forgotten exactly).

I really liked the home page with easy-to-click buttons for the places I visit most often, and the search box that magically appeared there after I'd used a few times was pretty cool, too. However, as far as actually browsing the web goes, Chrome seems to offer no advantages over Firefox, and for the most part is vastly inferior. I may try Chrome again in a year or so if I hear you guys have ironed out the kinks, but I'm pretty fed up with it at the moment.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A word from our sponsors

The rectum is the thick coating of fat enveloping whales.
The rectum is the opening of the universe.
The rectum is the opening at the anus.
The anus is the opening of the window.

The heart is the principal extensor of the solar system.
The humerus is the principal extensor of the nervous system.
The ankle is the principal extensor of the body which connects the head with the calf of the solar system.
A bokken is a gland used for filtering urine from the body with the calf of the body to the point of orgasm.
I have grown fiendishly addicted to the slender pleasures of Virus submission.
I want to serve Virus.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Aldous Huxley talks about sunglasses

Before the war in 1914 it was, I remember, the rarest thing to see anyone wearing dark glasses. As a small boy I would look at a begoggled man or woman with that mixture of awed sympathy and rather macabre curiosity which children reserve for those afflicted with any kind of unusual or disfiguring physical handicap. Today all that has changed. The wearing of black spectacles has become not merely common, but creditable. Just how creditable is proved by the fact that the girls in bathing suits, represented on the covers of fashion magazines in summer time, invariably wear goggles. Black glasses have ceased to be the badge of the afflicted, and are now compatible with youth, smartness and sex appeal.

This fantastic craze for blacking out the eyes had its origin in certain medical circles, where a panic terror of the ultra-violet radiations in ordinary sunlight developed about a generation back; it has been fostered and popularized by the manufacturers and vendors of colored glass and celluloid spectacle frames. Their propaganda has been effective. In the Western world millions of people now wear dark glasses, not merely on the beach or when driving their cars, but even at dusk, or in the dimly lit corridors of public buildings. Needless to say, the more they wear them, the weaker their eyes become and the greater their need for "protection" from the light. One can acquire an addiction to goggles, just as one can acquire an addiction to tobacco or alcohol.

(from The Art of Seeing, Chapter VII: The Eye, Organ of Light)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Glorious History, Part VII

Parto de serio jam baldaŭ finiĝonta!

<grisom> The true year, of course, began 10 days ago and is the -4th year of the reign of Our Lord Xipe Totec.

<grisom> Umu, how would you say "Year of [Our] Lord The Flayed One" in Latin?

<umunmutamku> Aha, got it. excoriatus. So anno excoriati domini.

<grisom> *Awesome*. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

game, game, game and again game


belief systems are small clumsy rolling-type creatures

( here it's a game.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allahu akbar

Maxims and minims for the wise and the foolish

  • I think that historians are talking nonsense, because they don't write their essays in Coq. — Umunmutamku
  • Whoever fights against the empire, becomes the empire. [or something along those lines] — Philip K. Dick [as told to Tezcatlipoca]
    • We’re not fighting the empire! We are the empire! Go away, or we'll smack you with this stick! — Tezcatlipoca
  • You don't have to be straight to shoot straight. — Barry Goldwater
    • Indeed, we must prevent life, which is frequently fatal. — Umunmutamku
      • There are also a number of legitimate scientific reasons for it as well (though I don't know what they are) — Tezcatlipoca
  • Instead of thinking of Scripture as a manual, I try to think of the Bible as ‘a boyfriend’. — punkrainbow
    • Your feelings are lying to you. — Jer 17:9
  • READ A BOOK, I'M SURE IT'S IN ONE OF THEM. — Tezcatlipoca
    • Books are full of bullshit and lies! — Tezcatlipoca
      • We will lie to you but we will lie to ourselves as well. You will, however, see through our lies and grasp the shining truth within. — The KLF
  • A Gnostic is by definition a knower, and since knowledge supersedes belief, a knower cannot very well be a believer. — Stephan A. Hoeller
    • talking about the great unknown is ridiculous. it’s THE GREAT UN-FUCKING-KNOWN — Anonymous
      • The enemy knows the system. — Claude Shannon

Qadutu: Militant Queer Calculus
A mature leader of unwavering ethics and indisputable authority.
Better than having cock-holes in the middle of your face.

Last night, while I was being intimate with your mother, she said:

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